Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use a simplex MMDVM hotspot on the network?

A: No, all hotspots must be Duplex models in order to be compatible.

Q: Can I use the network without a hotspot?

A: Yes, we support access via Zello in case a radio is inaccessible. For the best experience, we encourage users to communicate with a P25 radio connected to a hotspot or wider site; however, we are expanding our non-RF options to access over IP.

Q: Can I share my ID's with friends?
A:  Users may temporarily share radios containing their assigned IDs with friends, co-workers, and family for use on their own talkgroups. However, the actual sharing of IDs to be provisioned unto radios which are not the sole property of the registering subscriber is prohibited. Each radio shall have (1) uniquely assigned Radio ID issued by Network Operations & Tek Support.

Q: Can encryption be used?

A: Encryption is permitted, and actively in use. Many of our public talkgroups allow encryption use with a specific key; however, there are regional and use-case restrictions which may prevent encryption on one or more talkgroups. Please see the system talkgroups list for more information regarding encryption application throughout the network.

Q: Is P25 Phase II supported?

A: No. Phase II or P25 TDMA operation is unsupported on hotspot sites due to hardware limitations. Phase II MAY be added in the future to wide-area sites operating true ASTRO Project 25 Trunking equipment via V.24 or SDR; however, this is not set in stone or bound to any guarantees.

Q: Is Link Layer Authentication or Radio Authentication in use?

A: LLA/RA are features currently under development and will be added to the system at a later date. LLA requirement will be on a site by site basis. All sites will support it, but only some will require successful authentication to use. Enabling of this feature is at the discretion of each site owner.

Q: Is TMS supported?
A: Motorola Text Messaging Service is supported over conventional mode only via a Unit-to-Unit (U2U) configuration. This may change as we continue to add more features.

Q: Is *insert Motorola proprietary feature here* supported?
A: No proprietary features from ANY manufacturers are supported. CTRS operates on a Common-Air Interface so that vendor exclusions are eliminated, therefore permitting greater entry opportunity for a user's'choice of radio manufacturer.

Q: Can I use a Quantar or GTR with the system?
A: No. As of today, V.24 support has not been added. This means that both true trunked site equipment, nor Phase II are an option for deployment.